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Ty Alexander and Chase Addams vs Christian Taylor and Charlie Evans, Tag Team Torture 19 (BG East)

The selfie generation is scoffed in BG East's latest tag-team match, followed by a 26-minute coda featuring glamour-heel team mates turning on each other. Impatient with Addaxander's stalling tactics, Christian and Charlie stage a synchronized assault from behind. The complicated spot is amusing and so obviously choreographed it's hard not to imagine the outlines of dance-steps on the ring mat. The all-American duo (check out the gear) target Ty for punishment first, with Taylor splitting the bad-boy's thighs like a wishbone, forcing a panicked submission. Barely recovered, Ty charges his adversaries, who step out of the way, letting Ty fly through the ropes and hurl headfirst to the wall.

Next, the newbies Charlie and Chase square off. Charlie's apparently too much wrestler for Chase to handle on his own, so after getting tossed about for a few seconds, Addams tags Alexander in. Slapstick violence ensues, with Charlie getting the best of Ty at every turn. The bad guys waste time whimpering and licking each other's wounds, figuratively speaking, so Charlie bams the two skulls together and traps Ty in a side headlock. This is where the tables turn, as Ty escapes and then hangs Evans in the tree of woe and pounds him senseless while Chase cheers from the ring apron. Soon the two are double-teaming Charlie without mercy. The villainy reigns for about ten minutes. Then Christian reenters the ring and starts mopping the floor with a way-outclassed Addams. A little later, Taylor's taking on Chase and Ty together, eventually exercising his ire on Ty alone, then inviting his tag partner back in for some two-on-one comeuppance.

The wrestlers handle all this with a light comic touch. The zany energy is impressive, even when it's off the mark of my particular erogenous zones. Later, there's a funny bit, as Ty gains the upper hand on Christian, in a sweaty beatdown that musses Taylor up spectacularly. Ty is working solo here, but Chase's ringside dawdling is starting to piss him off--not so much because he's being left with all the heavy lifting to do, more because Addams isn't capturing enough of these moments on Instagram. I laughed out loud. The upshot, just as I hoped, is a four-men-in-the-ring showdown. This part is indeed hot (sweat works wonders), suddenly climaxing with a devastating pairing of pile-driver and choke-out for a decisive win.

Ty Alexander vs Chase Addams, Tag Team Torture 19 (BG East)

The first match ends with Ty and Chase bickering and shoving each other, which leads us directly to the second match, Ty versus Chase, mano a mano. Had these two accumulated a bit more history together, I would probably find this spat between partners maddeningly sexy. They would know each other's strengths and weaknesses like the backs of their hands.  Years or at least months of trust would be obliterated as they at long last turn on each other. Given some time to gestate, this breakup could have had some gravitas. Still, it's a fine followup for Chase, whose talents were under-utilized in the preceding match--and Ty demonstrates how much he has developed over the past two years at BGE.

The two lock up like a couple of roughnecks. Chase and Ty take turns crushing each other against the turnbuckles with a ferocity that was lacking in the first half of the previous tag event. This action is tasty, especially when Chase cranks an armbar onto Ty, his boot heel pressed to the back of his ex's skull. Ty repays with a modified crab hold, his fingers interlaced across Addams' mouth like a grille. Later, a knee to the face gives the advantage back to Chase. There's plenty of working of body on body close to the mat, which is exactly the stuff I was raised on (and raises me still). Both Ty and Chase enjoy long stretches of dominance--along with, of course, long stretches of paying the piper, in turn. All of this steams my balls, especially as Ty's butt cheeks get bared (again) and we approach a daring, heart-stopping finisher that makes the preceding piledriver look like a kiddie boat ride.

My particular wrestling kink was shaped decades ago by Johnny Weissmuller's Tarzan on TV and fuzzy, black-and-white images of sweaty hairy-chested lugs with broken noses and cauliflower ears (often hid under mops of peroxided hair) interlocking limbs on spotty canvas mats. Conversely, the new generation of gay-bi wrestling kinksters grew up with manga, Marvel Universe-inspired summer blockbusters, and, of course, the Let's Make a Deal glitz of WWE--with dollops of Harry Potter and Westeros thrown in for good measure. There's a fairly wide gap between the style of my kinks and those created by and for millennials (I hate the term, but, hey, it's there). Although I guess I will forever mainly draw my inspiration from a pro wrestling that was disappearing just as I was discovering it, I am encouraged and always a little surprised that young gay-bi men still find inspiration in the sport I love--even more that I occasionally see flashes of my old-school kinks mixed in with other generations' homoerotic fantasies.


  1. Thanks for the awesome review Joe

  2. Love it when two styles clashes in the ring: mat wrestling vs. pro wrestling. Nowadays a lot of people tend to think pro wrestling is fake and actually causes no harm, but they don't realize only in pro wrestling can manly studs be bent and twisted in so many fancy holds, displaying their hard trained bodies and impressive bulges. I especially enjoy watching Christian getting abused. His flexibility sells every submission move so beautifully that I have to rewind them over and over again.

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