Beaten and Abused


 Kayden Keller vs Drake Marcos, Ring Releases 4 (BG East)

This is how you do it. Lure the barefoot dude in the sheer two-piece underwear into the ring. Legit wrestle him in the center of the ring, with an emphasis on side headlocks, strangulation, chicken wings, and scissors (show him whose thighs are made of steel).

Say stuff like "You're talking a lot of shit, Drake ... I'm gonna shut your mouth." Grunt while you make him groan. When he punches you in the gut, flip him over and single-leg crab him till you hear a joint pop. Submit him with a thigh stretch.

Give the dude a hope spot--okay, maybe even a submission. Make him cocky before you rub him out. Sweat. Make him sweat. Steady him with an arm bar while you twist his nipple and cop a feel. Never accept one submission when you can wring two or three more out of him.

Get him hard. Twist both his nipples till he hates-loves you for being the all-powerful master that you are. Sit on his face. Lightly skim your fingers over his chest and stomach. Read his goosebumps like braille. Then claw him right below the navel.

Dry-hump him against the ropes. Bend him backwards over the top. Push your face up to his, staring down into his pain-dilated pupils. When he strikes back, play into his delusions of dominance while inhaling the swampy must of his briefs.

When you reassert control, squeeze his balls like they're a bunch of grapes. Tease/abuse his cock to show him who's boss. Strip him naked and choke him with each article of clothing. Stretch him wide against the corner ropes. Choke him with a steel chain till he passes out. Make sure he wakes up with your boner in his mouth.

Stuff his throat with cock. Strip naked, body-scissor him, and stroke him. Choke him till he gasps for air. Cover his mouth with your mouth. Fill his lungs with your breath. Control each breath you permit him to take. Don't forget you have the chain. Use it. Make this bitch's eyes roll. Stretch his backbone against the mat. Stroke your cock up his cock while looking down at his slack, semi-conscious face.

Lick the salt off the veins of his neck. Nibble his earlobe. Kiss him like you're his French pimp. Kiss him like you're fuckin' Mark Wahlberg. Now fuck his pie-hole like you just broke up with him but decided to take him back. Let him stroke himself off once he knows whose bitch he is. Jiz up the mat. Be the Jackson Pollock of seed.

Now lead your whipping boy out of the ring by the chain around his neck and look for a private place to fuck his hairy asshole red and raw.


  1. Wow, I didn't expect to read such an explicit post from you, but your writing makes me hornier than the actual match does.

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