Dirty Daddy Meets the Super Villain

Guido Genatto vs KARN, Alpha-Males (Wrestler4Hire)

In a truly delicious match from 2016, W4H sates my hunger for iron-rich protein in what may be the evenest matchup for Genatto I have seen. KARN is gorgeous, sure, but he's also big and strong, with a definite talent for making opponents suffer. I wouldn't want to go so far as to say Genatto has met his match here--in my opinion, he can't be matched (but he can be beat--theoretically, at least)--but the KARN-Genatto pairing justifies the company's online hype: "The two hottest guys in wrestling today, there is simply no comparison." I love the epic-ness of this match, which is unadulterated wrestling, no posedowns, no story frame, no non-fight-related whoop-de-doo of any kind. Guido even dispenses with his usual opening harangue in the interest of getting down to business as quickly as possible. He locks up with KARN, instead of stalking from behind or using cheap tricks. It looks like both men are set on testing their mettle in a straightup asskicking contest that fills the video's 23 minutes. Grunts and growls outnumber taunts and calls for surrender. Escapes and reversals follow each other at a dizzying pace till one bad-ass is forced to tap out for the other.


  1. There are certainly a lot of beautiful ass shots in this badass match.

  2. GASP!!!
    Has Guido-Chris shaved his torso?
    My eyes can't believe what's I'm seeing... Is the world coming to an end? Will the lion lay with the lamb? Asteroids crashing into the moon!
    Chris what have you done?

    1. NOOOOO! Oh, well, that bulge is still there...


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