No Homo

Nero Angelo vs Nick Diesel, #504 (UCW)
    In this latest UCW release, Nick and Nero do a bang-up job of banging each other up. It's surprising nobody had thought to book them together before now. This is a match that had to happen. Nero is all smiles over the prospect of getting his prying hands on Nick, last seen last winter versus Tyson. Even though he promises to refrain, at Nick's request,  from his usual "homo shit," Angelo clearly looks forward to some salty fun and games. But Diesel is tougher competition than most people who haven't already wrestled Diesel anticipate, and Nero's in for a shock.

    But, then, so is Nick, as Nero sucker-slams his forearm to Nick's ballsack. "That wasn't homo, right?" he asks sarcastically.  He slams Nick to the wall and plies him with gut punches and then tosses him over his shoulder. Nick retaliates with a choke that weakens Nero in the knees and forces him onto his back, with Diesel straddling Nero's throat, cock to his mouth, saying, "I said, 'None of that homo shit,' right? But you had to start with that shit, huh?" He then reaches back and delivers a trio of punches to Angelo's groin, proving he's no stranger to cheap shots either.

    Then, with Nero's wrist pinned to the mat in a classic schoolboy pin, Nick bounces up and down on Nero's cock, a large yet vulnerable target--which, as far as fight tactics go, is as gay as Christmas, you have to admit. Nero heaves Nick off him, and the fight starts in earnest, with a series of bulldog exchanges that comprise a steady give and take through the next 27 minutes. This is, indeed, one tough and sweaty fight that shows both combatants, in my opinion, to good advantage, the best I have seen either of them, in fact.


    1. UCW matches aren't my cuppa, but there's just something...IDK...about Diesel. In going through his history, from Images, he doesn't appear to be a roaring success, W/L-wise. I hope that's a misapprehension!

    2. Thanks for the review. I like both guys a lot and I would've bought this, but this scenario seems like a hard pass for me. Appreciate the heads up!


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