Congratulations, BG East Winners!

The votes are in, and the winners have now been announced. I want to congratulate all who won for being the very best in their categories and, most of all, for nurturing your fans' kinky fantasies in 2016. The big winners this year with wins in multiple categories are Ty Alexander and Christian Taylor, with three wins each, Chase Addams, Beauxregard, Charlie Evans, Jonny Firestorm, Calvin Haynes, Kid Karisma, and Chace LaChance with two. (See also Bard for more details and photos!)

The good news for fans is that until noon on January 26th BG East is offering a 25% discount on DVDs and streaming videos of the winning matches, including the 2016 matches of the "best" wrestlers, and VOD rentals of these matches are 20% off on The Arena, BGE's members-only site.

1. Top Babyface: Biff Farrell

2. Best Abs: Chace LaChance

3. Best Body: Kid Karisma

4. Best Bulge: Kirk Donahue

5. Top Heel: Jonny Firestorm

6. Best Butt: Kid Karisma

7. Jobber of the Year: Ty Alexander

8. Debut of the Year: Beauxregard

9. Best Submission: Firestorm vs Haynes

10. Sexiest Match: Keller vs Beauxregard

11. Best Ring Match: Alexander and Addams vs Taylor and Evans

12. Best Squash: LaCash vs Sorell

13. Best Mat Battle: Andrews vs Marcos

14. Hottest Liplock: Taylor vs Haynes

15. Best 2016 Wrestler Spotlight: Wrestler Spotlight: Chace LaChance

16. Best 2016 Overall Match: Alexander and Addams vs Taylor and Evans


  1. Thanks for the recap! Chase is always hot but not sure that pic is a good one for best abs.

  2. Thanks joe I can't believe I missed this post

    1. You look AWESOME. Would be amazing to wrestle you in the ring or on the mats.

  3. Damn fine looking muscle studs. Damn hard to pick a true favorite amongst this stable of wrestlers.


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