Tuesday, April 25, 2017


Kenta Kobashi vs KENTA, Navigate for Evolution, 5 March 2006 (Pro Wrestling NOAH)

The link above takes you to a highlights reel from which I took the GIFs. The match is incredible--a trainer (Kobashi) vs trainee (KENTA) faceoff that serves up one stunner after another. Kobashi retired from ring life in 2013 at age 46, transitioning to the production end of the business. I haven't followed KENTA's progress in WWE (they gave him a cool new name, at least), my heart just not drawn to WWE, despite assurances from friends and some observed evidence that WWE NXT is not the load of crap I think of when I think WWE. I can't imagine KENTA gets this kind of contest anymore; I just hope the guy gets shitloads of McMahon money to bank in Japan. In 2006 in Budokan Hall, he was at his hottest, and he and his mentor were gods for the night, holding NOTHING back as they punch, kick, and butt each other half to death.


  1. Kenta's match with Davey Richards from ROH is one of my all time favorites.

  2. I liked that Karate Chop move (6th image) where Kobashi has Kenta bent backward with a handful of hair, then drops a huge Karate Chop to his neck, like the blade of a guillotine dropping on some infidel's neck. What a brutal looking move -- some more wrestlers need to steal that move and use it as their finisher.



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