Nick Flex Rides the Beast Hard

Nick Flex vs Bruno the Beast, Catalog 1 - Muscle Boy Throwdown (MuscleBoy Wrestling)

Bruno, 25, 5'8", 190#
Nick, 30, 5'11", 215#

I've developed a new habit. When I eat out, I'm starting to ask the server what he or she recommends on the menu. More often than not, the server's pick is better than what I might have ordered on my own. I figure somebody who works at an establishment knows better than I do what I should eat there. So when I was trying to choose what match at MuscleBoy to explore next, I asked Rocco, the boss, and he steered me towards Nick vs Bruno. He said Nick has pro-ring training, which he brings to the MuscleBoy mats, flavored with "hot erotic play." Parenthetically he added that it's fun to watch Bruno get his ass handed to him (not Rocco's words, but the wrestling site is his domain; the blog and its word choices are mine).

If I were a sculptor, I'd choose Nick Flex as my model for Mars, the Roman god of war. The guy is crazy well built with a sneer that freezes the blood. He is formidably virile, and though Bruno the Beast manages a few hope spots, this is all Flex's show, with Bruno (no will-o'-the-wisp, as many of you know) relegated to the role of hand prop. "Don't shit yourself," Nick advises Bruno in a bedroom-y quiet but self-assured voice. Yet the two wrestlers barely lock up before Nick has Bruno in a choke on the mat, in what threatens to be just a two-minute fight (relax--it's a 29-minute video, with not a minute of it wasted).

Nick plops Bruno facedown on the mat, straddles the lumbar region, and dismissively slaps the back of his head a few times. He reaches under and tweaks the guy's left nipple. Then he rolls him over, running  the palm of his hand over Bruno's chest and hard tub belly. A slap to the face, and Nick is feeling up his prey again. (Those familiar with Bruno's gimmick elsewhere may see the poetic justice in all this.) He hikes up Bruno's leg and hand-delivers a sharp spanking. Keeping his victim off-guard, Nick then pummels Bruno's gut with a closed fist before pulling him to his feet in a full nelson, immediately driving him back facedown to the mats.

That's a 90-second taste of Flex's style. Let me add that (1) I am not usually a fan of squash matches and (2) I prefer actual wrestling to psychosexual roleplaying. But ... Nick has me under his sway as he explores and chastises Bruno's smooth, firm, well-rounded physique. In addition to the astounding body muscle and hypnotizing late-night radio deejay voice, Nick exudes a mix of masterfulness and enticement that's hard to put into words.

After seven minutes of steamy game-playing, Flex turns to the task of beating the shit out of Bruno. His commitment to destruction is as keen and adept as the earlier sado-seduction. Every joint in the Beast's body receives Nick's pains-making attention. Only at the match's midpoint does Bruno find the resources (or will) to retaliate. By this time, the pro-style punishments have intensified, and Flex's sweaty torso shines like polished bronze. "Glorious" is the word that springs to mind while watching the last 15 minutes--like something out of Homer or Fred Halsted. This is classic wrestlerotica--presented by fine athletes who know how to merge grappling and groping!


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