The Whole Shack Shimmies

Ty Alexander vs Steve Mason, Wrestleshack 21 (BG East)

Last week Kid Leopard, the boss at BG East, reiterated the company's original mission statement, which reads, "To provide opportunities for gay wrestlers to perform what they love best and to provide the best possible action for gay wrestling fans." Though, like gay bars, gay bookstores, and gay magazines these days, the company is perhaps a little less gay than it was 25 years ago, Ty vs newcomer Steve Mason is as rainbow-electric fabulous as anyone could hope for, despite Ty's swearing off of kitsch (the catalog description tells us).

For me personally the Wrestleshack has been a dream palace of gay wrestling and would be even if Enzo Amore wrestled Jay Briscoe there. The intimacy of the setting requires plenty of body contact, and though obviously there's somebody behind the camera, the combatants have more privacy than in BGE's other fight spaces. Then of course there's the resonance with the B-52s and the song "Love Shack" in the series' name - hence the allusion in the title above. (I compared the Shack to a shrine four years ago.)

Ty's muscled up and Steve's quite a looker, too, neatly built, though considerably smaller than Ty. There's ball-grabbing galore. Ty and Steve don't have a lot to say to each other, but what they do have to say they say mostly with their eyes ... and, as implied, their wandering fingers. In singlets, they engage in some bonafide grappling with Ty taking charge at the beginning. Steve puts up a vigorous defense, though, and taps Ty out with a figure-four headlock (very sexy ... and humiliating for Ty). Ty strikes back vengefully, tapping Steve out with a combination bodyscissors and chinlock (also very sexy).

Shortly after the midpoint of this 44-minute (!) fight, both singlets are off, and the wrestling continues in G-strings of aquamarine (Ty) and purple (Steve). Not much is left to the imagination - a quarter of Steve's body weight appears to consist of cock - and it is adorable. Nothing is repressed in this fight - neither the sex nor the aggression is soft-soaped. Affection and abuse have their moments, often piggybacking each other. This is Ty's best and sexiest fight ever, in my opinion, and Steve has lucked into the best debut to be had (to be fair, he does his share of the heavy lifting, too). Unless something more fantastic shows up before December 31st, Ty vs Steve gets my vote for Best Liplock of 2017 (and Best Frottage, too, should a new category emerge).

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