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Ty Alexander vs Bruno LaBestia, Ringwars 28 (BG East)

Ty and Bruno introduce themselves, not with the usual muscle poses or test of strength, but with asses side by side for "the boys and girls at home" to compare. Bruno mocks Ty's assets and then catches him off-guard with a full nelson. Ty escapes by thrusting his scoffed-at butt back to Bruno's groin, folding the bigmouth in half. He then body-slams LaBestia and sits on his face while transitioning to a figure-four headlock. Through sheer force, Bruno reverses, sitting on Ty's face and rolling the legs up for a pin. (Pins don't count, anyway. No ref, and at BG East no one can hear you scream.)

Ty has been wearing his "rookie" short-pants for far too long, and in Bruno he's got competition that could aid or block his climb up the BGE ladder. Thrusting free, he wears the man down with a side headlock and then shoves him into the corner, where he smashes the guy's chest with a flying butt bomb. But he pushes his luck too far when he wipes the back of his metallic gold trunks on Bruno's face. Bruno retaliates with a through-the-thighs nut clutch. He holds tight while Alexander whimpers and squirms and then hauls him up onto one shoulder (still clutching those jewels), savors the pose for a few seconds, and finally drops his catch hard.

Give and take like this dominates the entirety of the 42-minute match, with both wrestlers boldly sexing up nearly every move - including the arm bar, which I've always found subtly sexy, even played straight, but Ty finds a way to tip it over into full-blown homo - all while doing some serious damage. A third of the way through, Ty is force-kissing a winded and compliant Bruno, and  already things are heating up between them. A few minutes later, Bruno reciprocates, but not before giving Ty a good (and sweaty) bruising first.

Trunks are off shortly after the midpoint, and a lot of stuff happens you'll never see happening to Roman Reigns and AJ Styles at WWE. It's raunchy wrestling, which I love, though in that genre I prefer the Jarret Cole and Jobe "The Centerpiece" Zander school of fuck-pig rasslin', in which pain and lust are irrevocably entangled. The two remain distinct and separate for LaBestia and Alexander, though the intensity is there and the fluctuation from one to the other is speedy, and there's no doubt about what is happening next when the victor leads the loser away from the ring and the door clicks shut behind them.

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  1. I've been wanting to see Bruno do something more explicit since I watched him passionately kissing opponents on UCW and MBW. So I'm thrilled to know that he did this hot match with Ty. But I too prefer the style of old school BG East wrestlers, like Sean Patrick, Big D Ward, Lance Jeffers, Bud Orton and Iain Scott. Let's hope he'll do something like that in the near future.

  2. Ty Alexander is one hot muscle stud in the ring with one fantastic ass.


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