You're a Mean One

Kayden Keller vs Carter Alexander, vs Kirk Donahue, and vs Richie Douglas, Wrestler Spotlight: Kayden Keller (BG East)

You're a mean one, Mr. Grinch
You really are a heel
You're as cuddly as a cactus
You're as charming as an eel
Mr. Grinch
-- Dr. Seuss (1966)

Here's the best Wrestler Spotlight BG East has produced in memory. It's remarkable for the freshness of the matches, all apparently shot (I'm guessing) within just the last couple of years. Of course, much credit goes to the gloomy presence of new-generation heel Kayden Keller in his classic-heel black trunks. The guy shows no delight in hurting his opponents (unlike, say, Guido Genatto or Kid Vicious); he looks rather bored most of the time. (I could see him wearing earbuds to the ring.) He's one of those heels for cash, who, for the right money, would put their grandmothers in a chinlock.

A lot of credit goes also to the cumly trio of pretty boys BGE throws into Keller's ring. Talk about stocking stuffers! I'd count myself a very lucky boy indeed to have Carter, Kirk, and Richie ringing my doorbell early on Christmas morn. (I don't have a doorbell, so they would have to find other ways to rouse me from my bed.) By contrast, Keller looks mildly pissed off. To their credit, each and every challenger sells the hell out of every one of Kayden's moves. Their misery is titillatingly resplendent. Grouchy Kayden no-sells most of their attacks on him - more out of disrespect or stubbornness (why give them the satisfaction?), I think, than inability - and he gives them precious few chances to attack.

Surprisingly, strongman Alexander, nearest to Keller in size and bulk, offers no noticeable resistance at all. The man is helpless in Keller's grip, hopelessly so. The muscles on display are divine, however. Next, Donahue stirs up some Irish spleen in his fight. His is the most dramatic of the three matches. Kirk commands the camera and puts Kayden to work in a real nail-biter of a brawl. In the final contest, Douglas is the most seriously handicapped of the three. Muscular but small, the small-town boy puts up a sweaty and heroic offense against Keller, with strong David-and-Goliath resonances. Richie is fit-sexy and effortlessly charismatic - and for that Kayden makes him suffer.

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  1. This should have been an all out strip match. Two hottt sexxxxxy wrestlers going at it; an end-of-the-year match.

    I will be buying this match; Tyson is my favorite.....


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