Austin Tyler vs Jesse Zane, Catalog 6 - Muscle Boys Get Fired Up! (MuscleBoy Wrestling)

Austin Tyler makes his MuscleBoy debut in Catalog 6. Looking like a Pre-Raphaelite dragon-slayer, he squares off against local hero Jesse Zane, both men in the sparkliest trunks this side of Ice Capades. Tyler out-muscles and out-maneuvers Zane, yet the wonder is how tough a fight Jesse throws down here. If Austin was expecting to phone this one in - though I suspect this is something he never does - Zane makes the indy star sweat for his paycheck.

I can't pretend to be surprised that I love this match. Expectations were high, and Jesse and Austin meet them. "First day here and already I'm the best-looking guy in the building," Tyler says with a smirk. Pretty obviously the guy approves of his new digs. Relaxed, confident, cocky, he's already a main event, even before the competition shows. That voice, for one thing, it's like an outboard motor in his chest! Jesse shows up, pretending to be surprised the new hire didn't chicken out. As if.

The two lock up, and Jesse presses him to the wall. The body positioning is well known to MBW fans. Chest to chest, lips within kissing distance, there's a half-second's worth of tension (enough time for my temperature to rise) and then Austin pushes him back, observing dryly, "Someone's frisky." The two circle, and Austin locks up Jesse in his own arm. Jesse escapes and even gets the first takedown. They're not down long, though. Austin pulls them both to their feet and snares Jesse in an abdominal stretch.

Stretches of various kinds dominate the rest of the match, usually with Tyler as man in control. Expect claw holds, scissors, head butts, chanceries, nelsons, back breakers, wrist locks, and body slams, too. The boys play rough, and the segues between holds are as smooth and natural as I could hope for. In the end, strangulation decides who's victor and who's lunch, capped off with a that's-all-folks piledriver.

Hearty, full-bodied, complex earthy flavors, this duel is going to get a lot of play in my house.

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