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Tito Santo vs Sasha Savvin, Teenage Revenge (88Wrestling)

As explained in the online description, this 22-minute one-fall match is the aftermath of a tag-team match that has not yet been released. The pairing of Sasha and Tito, however, generates a lot of heat off their contrasting attitudes, so the previous match is not absolutely needed to explain the rift between the two teenagers. Sasha has a know-it-all bearing that is straight away fun to hate. Tito has the taciturn demeanor of somebody who has a history of being run over by hotshots like Sasha. Immediately, I'm on Tito's side - no further exposition needed. I see the contest as a sort of Wesley-Crusher-fights-Dylan-McKay deal.

That said, the opening remarks do depend heavily on our awareness of a match we haven't seen yet. The fighters circle each other, chests out, blaming each other for losing the fight (against Austin Cooper and Dash Decker, no less).

     Tito: You cost me that match.

     Sasha: I didn't cost you anything.

     Tito: You didn't try hard enough.

     Sasha: I tried my hardest. You weren't there to help me.

     Tito: I wasn't good enough.

     Sasha: You weren't. You were never good enough.

Typical post-game grumbling, distinctively adolescent in its flat awkwardness and lack of personal accountability, all the hotter for sounding authentic.

Both Tito and Sasha are beautiful in that sort of beauty peculiar to teenagers. Sasha's swank and Tito's glower are unique traits of youth that usually lose their charm around age 22. Both are 5'8", new to underground wrestling, but humming with hot blood. Tito has a 10-pound advantage as well as a solider build. Sasha's biggest advantage is his urge to destroy. Together they are a perfect storm of raging hormones and male one-upmanship. What in this case makes a backstory so unnecessary is that these two are the mirror image of the guys who got into after-school fights in my own adolescence. On that count, the match works because of its realistic depiction of adolescent psychology and male rivalry.

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  2. These are my two favorite 88 wrestlers due to their physiques and youth. I would love to see them face each other on the mat, rather than the ring. That would force them to actually wrestle as opposed to stomping and punching.


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