Dave's Homecoming

Having disappeared for 12 months, Dave Markus, sub wrestling dynamo, is back at Movimus - and, my god, look who he's facing! Shawn Duncan, arguably the most colorful wrestler on the Movimus roster. It's a pulse-racing three-fall contest that's like nothing I've seen. Dave, whose body art has clearly gone viral, has 22 pounds and 4 inches on Shawn, who has enjoyed a stellar year in Markus's absence. Now these two scrappers, facing off for the first time, are set for an epic collision. Neither man has had a harder, sweatier, or more energetic match, which is saying a lot, considering the battles each has previously undertaken.

A test of strength, endurance, speed, and strategy, the 31-minute fight is jam-packed with chokes, stretches, locks, scissors, and cross-faces that could probably count as rhinoplasty. Sweat makes its first appearance about seven minutes into the match. Ten minutes later, the bodies are sopping wet, and Markus and Duncan are tied 1:1. The final 12 minutes is astoundingly hard-fought ... and sexy (check out the strain on those stretch trunks). This is, in fact, Movimus's most stimulating match in years - let's say stimulating  and assume everybody knows what I'm talking about, okay? Everything about this bout is top-shelf - from the fight to the dark, saturated colors to the elegance of the positions these bodies coil themselves into.

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  1. DM lost his cuts, but still turned it out . #stillgotit


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