Sobering news on the Thunder's Arena website today:

The creator of Thunders Arena (Mr. Mike) has gone in for EMERGENCY SURGERY and has suffered some severe complications and is in life-threatening bad health. Therefore, we are suspending all sales and ask Thunders Fans to pray for his return to GOOD health. During this downtime, there have been several clients who have written in complaints that we are not able to address or fix while Mr. Mike is in the hospital. So rather than upset fans more, we need to suspend the web site until further notice so Mr. Mike can heal and sleep. He does have access to emails from his bed and keeps trying to work as he is awake to support staff, but select fans have been very rude and upsetting him as they are not getting service faster. We apologize for this delay, but we also need to give Mr. Mike a break to heal. If you're a SPONSOR of the recent Vegas film day, we will do our best to get your custom out to you right away, and it was an office mistake we released your video to the public before you got your copy. Someone is working actively on the  sponsored film day videos and will be making things right! Your patience and understanding and CALM are deeply appreciated during this time. We look forward to serving you in the future, and again please pray for Mr. Mike's return to good health.

I hope for Mike's speedy recovery, as I'm sure all other Arena fans do, as well. I have no information other than that which I've copied up above. Not wishing to disturb Mr. Mike during his convalescence, I would like to express my well wishes here on Ringside at Skull Island. You've been a friend to this blog in the past, and I'm anxious for the day you are able to return to your life and routine.

You're the best, Mike.



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