ode to mark lander, bully of my boyhood dreams

at age 12 i was a total bottom.

sure, when i grappled with the blonds on their bedroom floor, on afternoons, while jonny quest flickered on a japanese tv screen overhead,

i climbed on top,

pinned their tan skinny wrists against their ears,
brushed against their downy cheek,
smelled their mustard breath.
sweaty t-shirts roused up to our ribs, my stomach pressing down theirs,
hardness shaped itself in boyish hijinks.

but what i ached for was a brutal big brother--

he would pull in my reins,
teach me a lesson i would not forget,
own my sorry white ass but good.

at 12 i was a total masochist.

i needed payback for my petty crimes.
i needed cutting down to size.

every nerve in my gangly prepubescence cried my need for a whupping.

now the moment is long gone--
late middle age, old age, weight beginning to spot + sag,

too late for the darkhaired boy in his black speedos,
his hardware thighs, his python back.

he would make me writhe + moan,
tie me into a knot + turn deadeyed to space + flex his knotty bicep,
hard as a wham-o superball.

he would teach me a thing or two.

he would push me down for good.

he would pounce me black + blue.

(29 Aug. 2007)


  1. I have never understood why, but from my early years just seeing two boys(or young men) wrestling(especially barechested and barefoot) has always driven me crazy. Love the matches when both guys are actually struggling to win. Hate the heel/jobber crap. Mark Lander just does it for me...he's perfect. Lean, cut and cute and he loves to dominate his opponents. And the matches seem to be somewhat real, as opposed to most of what u see on the web. The holds are long, which is great. I just wish I could find out more about those matches. I know the company is now defunct, and it was very amateur. Just curious about how and where it all came about.

  2. Yeah, I'm curious about the same things, bud. I'm pretty sure those matches were real submission wrestling. The fact that neither fighter was ever in a particular hurry to "move things along" is really a big part of what makes the videos so great. I don't know whether the names given were real, but I've never found a scrap of evidence that "Mark Lander" existed apart from these fights. Given how much he seems to enjoy showing off his domination of good but lesser wrestlers, it's odd to me that he hasn't popped up elsewhere online. It's even difficult to find still pictures of him.

  3. Thanks for your response. It's really cool to find a blog from someone that's interested in the same thing as me.
    When I was a junior in H.S.,one day during our lunch break outside two seniors were in a serious wrestling match on the lawn. It was a warm spring day and both had shorts on. The boy that I thought would lose actually was winning and had the other kid in a merciless head scissors and just held him there for a LONG time. The kid that was losing was furious, but couldn't break free and was forced to submit. I'm pretty sure that I was the only bystander that was wickedly turned-on by this. I was somewhat confused about my feelings at the time, but those same feelings about hot guys wrestling for domination never went away.
    Anyways, thanks again for your great website.

  4. Mark lander really does it for me too! He is simply muscular, dom, amazing and hot! His legs are perfection! I wish he would 'come back" or at least appear online in some form. Even if it was just a blog, as he still has fans that would love to be able to ask him a question

  5. Donde hay luchas de mark lander ?

    1. La empresa para la que el lucho ya no existe. Usted puede encontrar algunos de sus videos en youtube.com y dailymotion.com.


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