Monday, May 4, 2009

Flash, Worked by Kennedy, Sleepering Wegner, Punished by Chaos, Pounced by Drake, Head to Head with Anton, then Flash Victorious!

6'2", 185# Flash, maybe my favorite fighter over at No Rules Wrestling (NRW), where the prices are reasonable and the matches easy on the eyes: "Someone's Getting Hurt!"


  1. Aw, Joe, you are so right about Flash over at No Rules Wrestling. What a hot young stud! He's muscled but not overmuscled, he's good-looking but not matinee-star pretty. His trademark black speedos are nicely bulged, but nobody suspects him of stuffing a sock into the front panel. Maybe that's why I find him so hot: he looks like he could be a guy from down the street or in the dorm room across from yours, and you see him and think, "Damn, if only that stud could find a way into some skimpy speedos and a pro wrestling ring, I wonder what it would be like to see him put another young stud into a camel clutch or a headlock..." But Joe, I can't believe that a few of the other NRW dudes, including the new all-american freshman Kennedy in his bright blue bulging speedos, don't also make you glad that a new generation of young musclestuds are standing and stretching in skimpy trunks over by the corner turnbuckle waiting to tangle up.

  2. Hell, yeah, Brad, I want a piece of the other lean, mean studs over at NRW, as well. A good bunch of them need to suit up this minute and get ready to be cut down to size. Who you lookin at, Kennedy? Want some of this? Huh?



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