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I’m making up this “top 20” list in kind of a hurry. After I give my choices and rankings more thought, I’ll probably revise it. My criteria are that the video should include holds or moves that have stuck in my head, hot men in hot gear (or no gear at all), and dramatic combat (heel-vs-face, grudge match, punishment, domination, high stakes). Other very strong factors include groaning, trash talk, setting, realism, sexual aggressiveness, and evenly matched opponents. Not all of these fights succeed on all standards, but overall they have something that has worked for me in the past.

In the meantime, you got some beef with my choices? Any recommendations for hot, intense matches I haven’t included or even seen yet? Drop me a line, and let me mull them over.

1. Brad Michaels vs Brandon Reevet in BG Enterprises' High Stakes Wrestling 3

2. Bass Wallace vs Chuck “Flying Tiger” Collins in BG East’s Motel Madness 1

3. Mark Lander vs Kyle Venrick

4. Lawrence vs Trystan in Greccogear’s Underground Wrestling 9

5. Dillon Reed vs Bobby Rose in Can-Am’s Canadian Nude Oil Wrestling 5

6. Jonny Firestorm vs Frankie Flave in BG East’s Ultra Fight 7

7. Jimmy Dean vs Dillon Reed in Can-Am’s Canadian Nude Pro Wrestling 3

8. Tyler Black vs Marek Brave in Cyberfights’ New Breed

9. Kid Brock vs Eric Moreira in BG East’s Fantasymen 26

10. Wyld Child vs John St James in Can-Am’s Canadian Musclehunk Oil Wrestling 4

11. Scotty Mac vs Jä Jakobe in Cyberfights’ Cyberfight 50

12. Axel vs Raptor in UCW’s video 0709106

13. Vince Tarelli vs Jaxx O’Doul in BG East’s Fantasymen 27

14. Chris Rock vs Vince Rockland in BG Enterprises' Fantasy Fights 16

15. Paul Perris vs Roman Stone in Can-Am’s Kick-Ass Bodybuilder Feud 1

16. Wade Cutler vs Steve Sherman in BG East’s Hard Pros 3

17. Flash vs Joe Wegner in NRW’s Near Miss

18. Bodacious Brandon vs Sexxy Eddie in PWP’s Spring Fever

19. Max Anderson vs Alex Reid in NHB-Battle’s Battling Bodies 14

20. Aaron Aubrey vs Chris DeVito in Can-Am’s Canadian Nude Pro Wrestling 2


  1. nice matches can't find your email but would like to chat sometime

  2. Thanks, t. The address is now on my profile. Drop a line sometime. Joe

  3. Scotty Mac vs Jä Jakobe is also one of my favorites. When you re-read your list did you notice that it featured mostly hard body pretty boy types? An earlier post of yours summed up my feeling completely, that 2 average looking fighters with the right amount of aggression and ability to sell the fight are always preferred over 2 well built studs that are just rolling around, - though no matter how much i believe this to be tru, i can not keep from buying the NRW dvd's every time the release one with a tall skinny fighter - for me the wrestler that epitomized this aggressiveness and attitude was Tommy Horrigan from BG East's Bratback. I have videos of him that i bought in the mid 1980’s that i can watch and still make a mess all over myself.

  4. Right, Topher. Like you I can't help but be inconsistent. Part of me likes any two fighters with heart and moves, part of me likes hard-body pretty boys. And the shame is that it's rare to get the two together. Tall and skinny works for me. I'm a fan of NRW's Flash myself. And Horrigan was great--a fast cocky fighter from the early golden years of BG East.


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