Lucky Dog (25)

Bud hit the coffee table and tumbled over to the other side, face down on the floor. Geoff reached him in four long strides. He kicked the back of his head with the heel of his boot, pounding Bud’s nose and mouth to the terrazzo.

At that point, Matt had had enough of being an onlooker. He rushed and tackled Geoff hard and drove him off Bud and across the floor to the opposite wall.

The naked youth grappled Geoff to his back. Matt’s knees pinched Geoff’s upper thighs, and his right shoulder on Geoff’s chest fixed the man firmly to the floor.

Geoff muscled vainly to escape the 184-pounder’s pin. His right hand ended up wedged behind his back, but with his free hand he grabbed a fistful of the kid’s tousled brown hair and yanked it back against the wall.

Matt flexed backward, arms outstretched, revealing two jet-black patches of hair in his pits, before the back of his head and shoulders slammed to the wall. Geoff turned in to him and pressed the kid’s left shoulder back. Geoff kicked Matt’s abdominals with his knee. Matt fired a few punches to Geoff’s face in return. Geoff heaved himself up and came back down, elbowing the boy’s forehead.

Geoff staggered to his feet, yanked the kid up to his feet by his hair. He stepped back three steps, swirled, and delivered a nasty boot kick to the boy’s chin. The heel of Geoff’s boot split open Matt’s chin. The blow’s impact sent Matt flying backwards.

He landed on a squat bookcase, smashing a lamp against the wall. Two or three ceramic shards cut Matt’s skin. Matt leapt back to his feet, only to be knocked down again by Geoff’s hard left.

Geoff jumped Matt and delivered three five wild punches to the kid’s already dazed face. He pulled the kid towards him, away from the corner. The boy’s moist skin was rubbery to the touch. He steadied Matt on his feet, and backed off, braced to deliver another roundhouse kick to the boy’s face.

Geoff swirled, but found himself face to face with Bud. Bud grabbed his throat in one fist and pushed him back to the wall. With the other fist, he smashed Geoff in the mouth.

Swallowing blood, Geoff tried to speak. His cock was hard and sore. Inside, he felt as if it he’d just swallowed a boxful of lit fireworks. Bud steadied his fist about two feet from Geoff’s face. Geoff saw the sinews bunch and the veins pop on Bud’s forearm.

Bud cocked his arm back another five inches, and Geoff saw the fist hurling towards his face. And that’s the last thing he ever saw.

(End of story)


  1. The upside of catching up is being able to read a serial story pretty much at once. The characters (hot Bud, fetching Matt and weirdo Geoff) and situations and action provided another great story.


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