Matt Boyce

Matt Boyce, WWE and NWA wrestler, 6’, 190#

Adding to his appeal (to me) are some two-year-old gay rumors. Spurious innuendo or not, they get the imagination turning ... in a nice way.

versus Shawn Shultz (18 April 2009)

versus Lani Kealoha (20 June 2009)

@ NWA Main Event Classic’s on YouTube


  1. Hey, Joe, or anybody out there, who is this "Bert Prentice" that seems to be: a) a key mover-and-shaker in the WWE's development organization, past (OVW) and present (FCW); b) a guy with a history of promoting "favorites" of his (typically young, muscular, good-looking jobber types, in speedos)within the OVW/FCW ranks, only to lose interest in them when the next piece of wrestling eye candy comes along? Dang, it really makes sense in light of the incredible string of young, muscular talent in bulging speedo-trunks who have been appearing on Florida Championship Wrestling. Somebody deep inside that organization knows what turns a lot of us on, and it may just be because it turns HIM on as well.

  2. I don't know, bro, but I'd sure let Prentice draw up the guest list for my next party.


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