Midnight in Swansea, Wales: Shirtless Stud Picks Fight with the Wrong Drag Queen


  1. I haven’t goggled it yet, but what the F%$K is going on in Swansea, Wales, though its tough to tell in this grainy footage if these are women or over weight men in dresses, I’m leaning toward men, the wobbly pins in high heels kinda gives it away, I must have counted 16 drag queens over the course of the 3 minutes of footage, check out the number at 0.57 in pink with black skirt and cowboy hat. The shirtless boy get clobbered by one drag queen and then ends the scene by getting hugged by another. Is this just another Saturday in the UK or is this the epicenter of drag in Europe?

    It was grainy footage, but even with impaired pixelation (not sure if that is a word) you could make out chest definition, so I would have probably grabbed him to if given the opportunity. What is it with young hard bodies and beer, at some point between a 6 pack and a case, the shirt gets torn off, the recrimination begins and the fighting ensues. I’ll watch that anytime.

    This was a treasure, thanks for posting the video.


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