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Slamfest Wrestling Photography features some new shots of Stoney, alone (as seen below) and action shots of  Saturday's CWF Mid-Atlantic show in Burlington, NC (7 November 2009).  All shots taken by "Slamfest Bob" (Wayne Culler).


  1. cadwrestl@yahoo.comNovember 11, 2009 at 1:09 PM

    Joe, your comments about both Stoney Hooker and Jason Hades bring to mind a couple of patterns I've noticed in my own attraction to various hot pro wrestling studs. You mention from time to time that your blog is a chance for you to highlight the various wrestlers that turn you on, and that you're not concerned about whether they also turn others on and, in fact, you're willing to acknowledge that your tastes might be rather idiosyncratic. Here's my response: Are you like as far as seeing certain wrestlers that "should" turn you on (that is, they have all the characteristics that often do attract you), and yet they DON'T really excite you, and then, vice versa, ther are others who "should not" turn you on as far as their looks, etc., but, by golly, they do? I'll give you an example: There are a lot of reasons why Tom Zenk should turn me on, based on what I like (muscles, skimpy bulging trunks, all-american good-looking guy getting worked over, etc.), and yet I don't know if I've ever gotten stiff looking at his pics/vids. On the other hand, some obscure guy like Alex Porteau, who was not 'movie star handsome' (despite his narcissist persona) would get me JO'ing over and over when I saw him years ago on the old ESPN afternoon wrestling show from Texas. Another way of saying all this is that I find a rather high percentage of your turn-on's are also mine, including Stoney and Hades, but just when I think we were separated at birth, I'll see one of your faves, and I'll say to myself, "Yeah, he's got all the right ingredients, but he just doesn't do it for me." Heck, sometimes it's even a matter of comparing several pics of the same guy,such as your 3 pics of Stoney Hooker displayed here by Slamfest Bob from the CWF match: the 3rd one of Stoney, where he's kneeling, is twice as hot to me as the other two. (Perhaps I'm imagining being pinned under his kneeling position in that ring, looking up at those beautiful quads and that skimpy green-and-black speedo. Obviously, as the old Romans used to say, "De gustibus non est disputandem," and it's even true that I can't always understand the variations in my own arousal to wrestling studs who are, objectively, equally capable of turning me on.
    Brad from Minnesota

  2. The mysteries of erotic attraction, eh?

    Brad, you've tapped into the fundamental reason for this blog--to explore the mystery of not only why different faces and body types turn me on, but also why one pose (kneeling vs standing) should work on the imagination so much forcefully than another. Why should wrestling be so overwhelmingly potent for us and apparently leave others cold? Not just wrestling in general, but specific holds--along with attitudes, gear, venues, even taunts and specific words?

    All these things are what I want to explore in this blog--as well as make it a scrapbook of fleeting impressions and my fickle obsessions.

    I have had EXACTLY the same thought about Tom Zenk. He's beautiful and talented and clearly the object of a lot of lust out there, but he's never once entered into one of my fantasies. And Alex Porteau is so unexpectedly HOT--I sometimes think it's his cocky stride as much as anything else.

    I'm certainly happy that our tastes sync up more often than not. There are a lot of great looking men to choose from--both wrestlers and non-wrestlers--and I'm sometimes struck that I'm turned on by about the same percentage of classically and famously handsome hunks as I am of guys that most people would not give a second look. (I sometimes ask myself when I see a handsome man, "Is he just photo good? or WRESTLING good?"

    And thanks for the image of Stoney Hooker kneeling hard on my chest and glaring out at the roaring crowd--I'm definitely going to have to give that one, um, a lot more thought.


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