Thank You, and Now Onward ...

I want to thank everyone who has visited Ringside at Skull Island and contributed to the fun I've had in posting my individual kinks and fantasies online this year, especially to

Ashton Vuitton

Axel at UCW

Bard at neverland

BodySlam at UCW


Brad in Minneapolis


Don in Winston-Salem

g b




Joker at UCW

Kid Leopard at BG East

Klown at UCW

Lawrence at Greccogear




Stoney Hooker



Victor Rook at Wrestlemen

... and everyone else in 2009 who dropped me an e-mail or a comment to encourage me, to tell me off, or to call me out to brawl in cyberspace.

And to you, big cities of the world, all 800+ metropolises, towns, and villages, whose most interesting inhabitants visited Ringside at Skull Island these past twelve months, I thank you too and urge you to come back for more (if you are tough enough to take it) in 2010.

And, for the record, the ten cities with the biggest turnout to these pages in 2009 have been, according to the fine technology at Google Analytics, ...

 1.  London, UK

 2.  New York, New York

 3.  New Bedford, Massachusetts

 4.  Durham, North Carolina (my home base, of course--hey guys, toss off your capes and/or warm-up jackets and drop on by my place for a tussle!)

 5.   Seattle, Washington

 6.   Los Angeles, California

 7.   Chicago, Illinois

 8.   Atlanta, Georgia

 9.   Kansas City, Missouri

10.  San Antonio, Texas

(Special thanks, too, to those 19 of you who have signed on as "Followers" of this blog.)


  1. Thanks for making this site. I've always enjoyed it.

  2. Brad from Minneapolis, cadwrestl@yahoo.comJanuary 1, 2010 at 2:01 PM

    Hey, Joe, here's a warm message of appreciation cummin' down to you from icy Minneosta. I am truly grateful to you for your passion for this site. Your personal choices for your favorite wrestlers and wrestling turn-on's are so damn on-target, and the fact that you don't give a damn whether anyone else agrees with you makes it all twice as hot. (Of course the fact that your preferences line up with mine way more often than not somehow helps me appreciate your objectivity even more...) My hope is that 2010 continues to see the emergence of many good-looking young indy pro musclestuds in skimpy trunks and with cocky attitudes ... these truly are the 'good old days' for wrestling fans like us.
    All the best, my friend.
    Brad, Minneapolis

  3. Hey Joe, thanks for the Thanks! I discovered this post while Googling my name today. Smile.

    Have a great new year. I'm sure we will chat soon.



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