Cory Kastle


No, he does not have the perfect Gold's Gym-toned body, but I don't care.  I want to rub up against wrestler Cory Kastle.  I want to pin him against a turnbuckle and backslap his face, while my knee tattoos a bruise that stretches from his stomach to his thighs.  I want to glide on top of his sweat, just once anyway.  I want to straddle his waist, grab a fistful of his long silky hair, and drive my fist to his mouth repeatedly.

You could say I've got a crush.

He's got a regular tall guy's build (he's around six feet tall and around 200 pounds, based on the information I've found), along with the strong shoulders and legs that a wrestler needs.

It's the face that pulls me in.  He looks a little like actor Nick Stahl, only bigger, tougher, and sexier.  He's got the sort of attitude I like, able to pull off either demure or audacious, depending on what the scene calls for.

Those eyes cut right through me.

Keep your swimmer's build, Aussie footballer's thighs, and acrobat's backs (they ARE lovely; yes, I love them, too, all of them), but, all things being equal, twisted fuck that I am, my money goes with wrestlers every single time.  Every single time.

versus JC Westler
NEW "Budget Cuts" J.C. Wrestler vs. Cory Kastle

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versus Hybrid (deja vu?)

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