A Party in Boystown Tonight

A big thank-you to Comptroller for turning me on to these two related matches, where the crowd seems to be more ready to dig the teasing faux-homoeroticism of Victorious Secret (Cameron Salem and Mason Conrad) and Amenaza than the color commentator is. 

After the last minutes of the setup match (Mason Conrad and Zach Thomson versus Ryan Slade and A.J. Smooth, 20 September 2009), we see Cameron Salem, Mason Conrad, and Amenaza versus Zach Thomson, Ryan Slade, and A.J. Smooth, in a six-man tagteam match, Galli Lucha Libre, a few weeks later (via NichoalsH)

More shots of Victorious Secret's Conrad and Salem:



  1. dude, i can't get over how HOT that last picture is! the things i would love to do to the green giant on the floor if i were in the mohawk dude's position..... SHIT! i linked it at http://piledriveu.tumblr.com/post/358088482/over-at-ringside-of-skull-island-we-have-this


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