Real Steel


Real steel, huh?  All I got to say is this guy will have to be pretty stupendous to go beyond my "wildest imagination."  My imagination never had its shots.  My imagination tracks and kills abs like these just for the sheer fun of it.  My imagination wants to chomp down on that hard round bicep, bro.

I can't say what it is, but a muscle dude with glasses gets me so freaking hot that rubber just turns to molasses on my skin.  Throw in that accent ... along with the only thing missing, a challenge to fight him after work today ...  and I'm ready to sponfuckintaneously combust.



  1. Those glasses do the same thing to me. And the accent. And the body. I swear I saw this guy many months ago in a youtube video wearing a wrestling singlet and snarling out his plans for destroying some lucky bastard in a wrestling match. Can't find it now. Deeply saddened.


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