Taven v Sople

Matt Taven works over Todd Sople, No Limit Pro Wrestling, 23 January 2010, Peabody, Massachusetts


Taven looks good.  He's got the jungle-boy hair, the strong thick body, the pop of the crowd behind him.

He likes putting the hurt on the bad guys, and if sometimes he enjoys hurting people just a bit too much, all's forgiven because these guys have every bit of it coming to them ... and then some.

I wish he'd show off his legs a bit more, too, but I can't fault his body one bit--no, he's not model perfect, but he's got just the right sort of torso for bouncing and trouncing.

He can come over to my house any day of the week and body slam me and work my arm till I'm begging for mercy.

Frankly, I'd consider it an honor and a privilege to slug it out with this guy one day.


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