43 (Review)

I have a theory that Krush's immense popularity with wrestling fans is largely based on his consistency on the mats.  From one match to the next, Krush brings congruity and a dependable set of known quantities:
  • the use of the hips for pounding an opponent's midsection,
  • short, punishing jabs with closed fists,
  • headlock and bodyscissor combos
  • maximal use of abdominal stretches and full nelsons, and
  • sweat, owww's, ahhh's, and heavy panting, lots and lots of heavy panting.
But things do change.  Gradually.

For one thing, the recently refurbished Krushco now permits full-screen viewing of matches, all by itself, a 100% improvement, right there.

And there's a newcomer to the roster:  Kain O'Brien.  Kain has a lot to bring to the mix, too, without really doing anything to fuck with Krushco's winning formula.

Both fighters fight barefoot and in singlets--Krush in bright royal blue and Kain in kelly green.  Kain's a bit smaller than Krush, but he hauls more bulk than, say, Lucien or Leto, which gives him more stamina against the Krush juggernaut.  He brings a lot of grit to a fight too and, unusual among Krushco's lineup of fighters, a real affection for playing the heel, smug, full on, and right off the bat, winning his first round against Krush by choking the big, bald giant with a foreign object.

Hailing from Cork, Ireland, the youngest of five, Kain says he's been fighting "ever since [he] was born."  Unlike most of the established roster, Kain brings a pugnacious talkativeness to the mats.  He loves fighting, clearly, and he loves giving lip.

Much of the trash talk Kain delivers in this video is the usual boilerplate stuff ("My sister could beat you" and "oh yeah?"), but, as they say, there's got to be a reason why some lines are considered the classics.  But you also get the sense that here is a guy who won't shirk from playing the asshole, probably relishes the chance, or maybe it comes natural to him.  It's easy to imagine Kain cornering you in a pub to talk your ears off about politics, while sizing you up with his steely eyes, and then, out of nowhere, after one too many pints, taking a wild slug at you.

In round two, Krush changes into a yellow singlet.  Both men's lucky charms seem to swell and rise up under the lycra, the more they huff their hot breaths on each other's skin and cut off circulation to the head.  Going for the gold seems to bring Krush some luck, though, because he all but squashes Kain this go-round.  And Krush needs no bleedin' foreign object to spike up the hurt and make the newcomer cry for mercy.


  1. I agree, I love the chemistry between Krush and Kain, they really are a hot pair and they seemed more evenly matched than the other boys on the site. The full screen option is awesome.


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