Battle of the Js (Review of CJ vs DJ: The Oil Match)


Pale and smooth as a seven year old, CJ, in red, debuts on Naked Kombat up against curly-haired and tattooed DJ, in blue.  In his third fight, DJ is eager to break his 1-1 record, while breaking in the new meat.

In the opening face-off, DJ, who meets almost every standard for "hot" I've ever set, makes the usual threat to ride his opponent "like a pony" after he beats him up, but CJ, a choir boy with hardly a speck of hair on his body, except for a mere whisper of a treasure trail, surprises with an unexpectedly vehement "When I win, he's gonna be on all fours with my dick up his little bitch ass."

These two contenders, at near equal height and weight, are closely matched in skill and beauty.  Both are built like Greek gods, DJ almost literally so, with CJ coming in close as a lookalike to a Thomas Eakins swimmer.  Both look and act smart in a fight that shows off both the agility of their lean bodies and the quickness of their minds in plotting and revising strategy.

CJ claims no wrestling experience except for, he says, some horseplay with his buddies and some bar fights.  "Bar fights ... likely story," I think, but then I see him fight, and I'm practically a believer.  He and DJ hold nothing back, and they play rough, with plenty of spanking, ball grabbing, and finger-fucking, the action paced like machine-gun fire.

An intense first round ends with just two points separating them.  An even more bruising second round (in jock straps) sees the difference stretched to only three points, even though one fighter has to tap out in the middle of this round due to a strain to his ankle and comes thisclose to quitting altogether.

The third round, the hard-on oil match, is frenetic and comes close to flat-out fucking, well before round four, the official sex round.  The man who's been lagging behind in the first two rounds comes into his own in this round, the oil giving him twice the speed and twice the flash he had shown earlier.  And when the winner is called at the beginning of round four, the difference is one lousy point.

But one point or twenty points, in this game, the winner gets to totally command, dominate, and humiliate the loser, and then squeeze both himself and the loser dry.  Some sucking leads to an incredible display of standing butt-fucking, ripped right out of the pages of the Kama-Sutra, then doggy-style ramming, then face-to-face bumping, with a little nipple-twisting and some gut-whacks thrown in for good measure.

This is one of the closest matches I've seen on Naked Kombat, full of excitement from beginning to end, with two highly motivated and competitive fighters, anxious to pin, punish, and punk the other.


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