Chris Steeler


Q:  What kind of guy wants to spoil a kid's birthday party?

A:  My kind of guy.

And, oh, by the way, fuck the clown, the magician, and the pony ... this would have been my idea of a great birthday party--but I would have cheered for the heel.  (Guys, you have just 40 days to set this up for me.  I promise I'll act surprised.)

IWF Heavyweight Champion Hi-Definition Chris Steeler, 6'2", 210#, versus Kevin Knight, 6'5", 240# (via WrestlingIWF)

Steeler and Knight wrestle for Independent Wrestling Federation in West Paterson, New Jersey.  Here they are again, toe to toe, in a non-title match in 2009.

But back to birthday parties--this looks like a great one too (grapple101london). 


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