Match 123: Angel Estrada versus Joker (Review)

Angel Estrada, the "Latin Heartthrob," is new to UCW-Wrestling, but he is no newcomer to wrestling, having performed for Bodyslam's previous venture New Stars of Wrestling (NSW) a while back, fighting alongside UCW stalwarts Klown and Joker.  Now that there's talk of UCW, in its second year, moving towards fights in a ring, Angel decides to show his face in order to horn in on the excitement, his sights clearly set on Axel's championship belt.

For this match, BodySlam set up his fight-space in an undisclosed remote location and lured in Joker, fucked up beyond all recognition, as usual, clearly itching to get his hands on Axel and that belt as well.  When Joker sees Estrada, he starts whining like a kid in wet diapers, no doubt remembering the man's ruthlessness from NSW days.  Angel looks at Joker with contempt, ridiculing his tight pink zebra-stripe trunks, and perhaps unwisely underestimating the fighter's pride and wiliness, especially in a match with no ref and only one rule: no killing

I'm not even one minute into this vid and already I am certain this fight is going to be THE SHIT.

As I said before, my heart's set on seeing handsome and arrogant Angel up against Axel, UCW's number-one brawler, but a blow-for-blow with the unpredictable and bat-shit Joker is very nearly as good for my money.  In a short time at UCW, Joker has become one of my top favorites, not only on the Milwaukee-based league, but on any roster anywhere.  And Angel makes an astounding debut here up against him.

This fight starts fast ... with Joker mouthing off to Angel, "You de bitch, I'm the pimp."  The crack earns Joker a swift kick to the gut.  Joker is stunned, the stupid grin wiped clean off his face.  It's a fast start to a hot and heavy scrap, and for a few seconds it looks like Angel's going to make short work of the funny man, squashing him like a roach on the kitchen tile.

Both fighters play to the camera and vie for Axel's off-screen attention.  They may be fighting each other, but in their heads this match is just a dry run for getting their paws on Axel. 

Joker holds nothing back when it comes to cutting the taller fighter down to size.  He feels territorial, about both his spot at UCW ("I am the ring," he boasts early on) and his shot at the championship--though Angel and Joker may eventually have to go through Klown to get that shot.  We get a taste of both men's ruthlessness when Angel escapes Joker's ball-bashing and front naked choke by plunging his thumbs into the scrapper's eye sockets!  Brutal!  Then he comes back at Joker with a flying dropkick to the man's face! OMFG!

All future comers, Axel included, had better definitely be taking notes on this fight.

As usual at UCW, punches are not pulled ... or, if at all, only slightly.  These boys like to hurt each other and wax philosophical about the pain dished right back at them.  Estrada rubs his balls at one point and quips, "Ain't gonna be having sex tonight!"  Talk about Stoic!  These are dudes who'd rather make sure their opponent doesn't get any than get some themselves.  And let's face it, a good intense drubbing can be better than sex.

If you didn't already know this, you should know now that my heart belongs to evenly matched, no holds barred, mano-a-mano brawls.  An occasional squash job is good for variety, sure, but nothing pumps me up more than two fighters of equal heart and caliber going at each other, holding nothing back.  The give-and-take between Angel and Joker is relentless and fast.  Individual holds may be prolonged and sensuous, but I never get a sense of a lull or see any sign that either fighter is simply "on autopilot" at any point.  Even in slow, agonizing squeezes and stretches, the fighters sell every pang, every shred of aggression, every bit of drama, every drive for mastery and domination.

I want to say here too that the camerawork in UCW's latest batch of matches is the best yet, setting a new high standard not only for the league but for its competition as well.  The camera pulls us viewers into the action, offering us the tightest closeups yet of the fighters' expressions of agony and rage.  We get details sharp enough to cut ... or, at least, to make themselves felt.  This is as close to a 3-D riot as we can get right now.  Kudos to the unsung talent behind the camera!

Every second of this match made my jaw drop.  I won't give away the outcome.  As I've said before (I think), when the striving itself is hot enough, you don't even need an outcome ... the outcome is when you the viewer have taken as much of the collision as you can stand.

In a closing interview with the winner, who's still spitting pubes out of his mouth, BodySlam remarks, "Here at UCW it's a fine line between porn and underground wrestling."  So how do I put it, delicately?  Angel and Joker working each other over is like a cum shot every half minute.

But the climax (the real climax) of this fight is worth every penny of the ten bucks it takes to download the video.  The final catastrophic crash is giving me wood that will stay with me for days.

Both these guys are worthy of a shot at Axel, and I am confident that Axel and Klown and the others have the steam to keep up this level of pitch and foment.

The sweat here is slipperier.  The thunk of knuckles on muscle and bone is louder.  This is metal you can taste at the back of your throat.  The brawlers throw every ounce of themselves into this battle so that even the viewers can feel like they're getting a workout.

The viciousness and theatricality of this fight set a new standard for UCW, and we can only hope and pray to the gods of kickass that the league can maintain this level of extremity and vigor in the months and years to come.


  1. Thanks for the good tip. I've only recently gotten into UCW, had bought a few matches, but just bought this one on your reccomendation, and am very glad I did. Really good match, lots to make an old perv like myself happy, and well worth the money. I just hope Bodyslam is not to be taken seriously in his comment post-match about trying to get the guys to shave their bodies. For me that's a turn off and would cause me to buy fewer matches.


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