Rhett Titus

This guy, I figure, is not to everybody's taste.  I can understand why, I suppose.

But he fits my taste ... to a T.

First, he's got the rowdy nose and cheekbones that usually catch my eye--and the long Tarzan hair meshes seamlessly to a whole other category of my kink fantasies.  He is loudmouthed, funny, uncouth, violent, assholish, and brazenly and aggressively sexual in the ring.

The wonder is, is that I have not yet jerked off to this guy, and the time has come, I think, when I have to stop and look myself in the mirror and ask why.

Clearly I am without excuse and must mend my ways.

Rhett Titus, 22, 6'2" (yeah, I like em tall too), 203#, has wrestled professionally for the past four years--most prominently for Ring of Honor and Full Impact Pro.  If his stats didn't match my wish list perfectly enough, he's also from New Jersey--and, well, you just have to understand what Jersey boys do for me--especially if they're Irish, Italian, or Jewish--which I don't know if Titus is any of those, but ... I don't know ... forget it ... I digress.

If it weren't for the fact that he's apparently straight--and a straight guy who lists "The Holy Bible" as one of his favorite reads--I would be rethinking my atheism, convinced that God must have created this guy just for me, and pondering whether he (Titus, not God) is into somewhat shorter guys well over twice his age.

At any rate, gentlemen, it's time for me to face up to a clear-cut set of responsibilities I have been shirking for too long now and reach for the lube.


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