Sean Royal

Long tall drink of water from Tampa, Florida, back when he was a rising star in the mid-1980s, Sean Royal looked good, real good, but like a lot of good-looking American pro wrestlers of that era he had a penchant for wearing his grandma's panties in the ring.  Fortunately, he loosened up some as a heel, though he never got around to showing us his hip bones.  And remember rat tails?  Like seedlings for mullets--kinda sexy in a rednecky, slightly special-needs sort of way.  Still, he's fun to watch.  (After he quit wrestling, he became a construction worker ... and then, I only hope, a cop, a cowboy, an Indian, and a biker.)

versus Bob Cook (via traquib515)

versus Mike Graham (with more distraction than action, via Dotheoz1)

with tag-team partner Chris Champion ("New Breed") versus father-and-son-team Bob and Brad Armstrong in 1987, when his body was at its yummy best, but all in all a cold, mean year for haircuts (via 1000holds)


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