Benjamin Sailer, GQ Man

Wrestler Benjamin Sailer, 25, 5'10", 202#, is interviewed in the new GQ.  GQ asks the handsome grappler (and model), "Do you feel exposed in the tights, or do you like that exposure?  Is it a part of the performance?"  Given his "pretty serious theatre background," Sailer seems to like the attention and appreciates the value of good costuming:
Sailer:  When I'm wrestling, I don't even notice it.  I've tried other kinds of gear, like long tights, but when I'm wearing that kind of stuff I notice it because it's in my way, or I feel it's in my way.  You do notice it when we're performing at these venues that are just bars or nightclubs.  You go ten feet out the back door, and you're back in the real world, most people, they don't have a clue what you're doing in little shorts.  So there have been times when I've gone away from the wrestling business and been still in my gear, and found myself like, Oh, I'm sort of in the real world in trunks.
If you haven't checked out the full interview already, you should.  Sailer is bright and articulate about his profession, and the magazine asks some pretty good questions, to which Sailer responds with candor and intelligence.  And he even has the balls to state, flat out with no apologies, "[G]ay people love pro wrestling"!


  1. Sailer is a stud! I first got hot for him when he was a rookie wrestling at the MPW warehouse-cum-arena northwest of Minneapolis. He only gradually bulked up, and he only gradually made classic, skimpy pro trunks his choice, but from the start he was making me hard up in those bleachers. Yeah, he's a "show pony" alright: whatever his sexual proclivities, and despite his "working-class" ethos, he is definitely not unaware of his own erotic starpower.
    Brad bradwrstl

  2. Great interview! Sailer is indeed smart, articulate and charming. Thanks for the link.


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