My friend Bruno over at Beefcakes of Wrestling posted a couple of pictures of P.J. Black this morning that made me swallow hard and then sent me scurrying for more images of this fighter's taut man-flesh.  The South African wrestler and fitness model, 29, 6'1", 215#, whose real name is Paul Lloyd Jr, currently shows up as a "rookie," Justin Gabriel, on the WWE NXT and FCW.  I place the word "rookie" in quotes because the man, the son of a pro wrestler, has been in one ring or another, under one name or another, for the past thirteen years.

He once wrestled for Florida Championship Wrestling under the moniker "Justin Angel."  Here he is, looking unbearably angelic and hot, in a match last year against Yoshitatsu, 32, 6'1", 220# (via fieryredhand):


  1. Awesome! I hope you feature more of him in the future.


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