Cole Callaway

Cole Callaway, 22, 5'10", 169 fluid ounces (so say the promos), poses a problem for me.  He's hot, really hot, and so I find his queen-in-heat routine (he's dubbed a F-un A-thletic G-uy) wood-worthy.  Incredibly wood-worthy.  But where is this guy really coming (or should I say "cumming"?) from?  In the Eastern Wrestling Alliance, Combat Zone Wrestling, Adrenaline Championship Wrestling, and Pennsylvania Championship Wrestling Alliance he draws homophobic heat as a mincing heel, yet his MySpace profile lists him as "bi" and he shows up on the roster of the LGBT-positive Pride Pro Wrestling.

His appropriation of the gay gimmick is not especially original or funny (to me ... but, then, I can be fairly humorless sometimes), yet arguably in its outrageousness it pushes the limits of "gay presence" in pro wrestling.  But does it push it forward?  Who can say?  My guess is that a good 80% of his schtick is undecipherable to non-gay fans, so maybe he really is meant to draw LGBT and gay-friendly wrestling fans.

The fact that he is attractive--even uber-attractive--mitigates the offensiveness of the stereotypes he exploits.  I guess I'm superficial enough to put aside political correctness to enjoy a pair of full lips and smooth sculpted pecs in the squared circle, even if the combo is more lipgloss-lube-and-Liza than tattoos-trade-and-Tarzan.  I would definitely pay to see this guy creamed.

A parade of uncomfortably hawt stereotypes (via Indy) at PCWA:

Jimi the High Flying Hippie vs Andy Header vs Cole Callaway

Indy | MySpace Video

(via CZWNews)


  1. I, too, have mixed feelings. For much of the three-way match, I regarded Cole much as many African-Americans regard Stepin Fetchit. To be sure, there are bits of truth in his persona, consider all the bitchy little twinks in most any gay bar, and that the image of the gay pride parade we see on the news is the bearded guy wearing the blue chiffon ball gown. But both Cole and the hippie had supposedly straight and angry Andy Header shrieking like a scared sissy wimp before Cole pinned him, and Cole and the hippie embraced in a seeming brotherhood of society's rejects, and were celebrated by the crowd. As to the massage clip, cute but...

  2. Good point about "society's rejects," keith. I kinda took Andy Header as a stereotypical headbanger--but the name (assuming it's made up) could be a play on "hetero" ("header-o"?) or "hater" (since he seems to hate a lot of things ... Phish, San Francisco, the Grateful Dead, etc.)


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