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Kiwi Pro Wrestling, founded almost four years ago and based in Wellington, New Zealand, has featured a number of kinks-worthy wrestlers, among them these two in a match from last month.

Jonnie Juice, 6'1", 170#, is the vain, villainous head of his own party of heels (Team Pretty), noted for not only his male-model good looks, but also his braininess and devious mind games, which he relies on, lacking physical bulk.  Thus, Juice embodies two of the great prejudices of traditional pro wrestling--against male beauty (at least when it's self-aware) and against intellectuality--but, hey, the same can be said of Hollywood, right?

Juice's nemesis and antithesis is H-Flame, 6'0", 214#, who was the first KPW champion, but he lost the title at the end of last year.  H is big, good-hearted, and, well, not an intellectual.  He's noted for being a skilled grappler and, in a fair fight, an undefeatable one.  He's also represented as something of a playboy, whose eye for the ladies is presented, Samson-like, as a potential point of vulnerability--but one he usually overcomes through determination and focus.


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