TJ Perkins Attacks Tokyo!

My latest squeeze, TJ Perkins, took Japan by storm in his teens--he holds the distinction of having been the youngest non-Japanese wrestler to compete in New Japan Pro Wrestling--at age 18--having wrestled in America since age 15.  In an homage to the famed Tiger Mask, Perkins also donned a yellow-and-black mask in 2003 and wrestled as Puma (or PUMA), the US counterpart to Tiger Mask.  Unmasked, Perkins uses the moniker "The Pinoy Boy" TJ Perkins in Japan ("Pinoy" pays tribute to his Filipino heritage--he's Filipino-Irish-American).  For the past six years, Perkins, now 25, has been a semi-regular fighter with NJPW.

And, here, just because I can't get enough of TJ's new look and muscle, and unrelated to NJPW, Tokyo, or even Godzilla, is an interview with TJ and his partner Gus Money for I Believe in Wrestling ... beautifully photographed, sharp as a tack ... but God damn the cameraman for not sticking around for another seven or eight minutes!

(via ibelieveinwrestling)


  1. It isn't often one comes across a pro wrestler of Filipino heritage (only Batista comes to mind), so thanks for posting this feature on The Pinoy Boy TJ Perkins. (Yeah, I'm Pinoy, too.)


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