Do Speedos Have Rights?

Comptroller told me that the UCW-Wrestling videos I was directing you to in earlier posts had been removed due to violations of the YouTube Community Standards prohibiting "sexually explicit" material.

I would hardly call the footage sexually explicit, but then I am a man of debased values and an admitted perv.  Sure, the sight of fit guys in Speedos wrestling turns me on, but by that same measure Tarzan and Mighty Mouse have turned me on at certain impressionable points in my life too--and I'm pretty sure they're not (yet) YouTaboo.  Perhaps we should also ban footage of candles, champagne, and moonlight, while we're at it.

Don't Speedos have rights in this country?  Aren't bulges protected forms of "free expression"?  We live in a society where you can burn the flag, tell sensitive children that they or their friends, neighbors, and teachers are in danger of eternal hellfire, and brandish firearms in front of the President ... but evidence of anatomical correctness--even under Lycra with reinforced seams--is tantamount to pornography?

I have removed most of the affected embeds and links--in just a few cases removing the entire post--and will hunt down the ones I've overlooked sometime later.  However, "G-rated" versions of these match previews began appearing under UCW's new profile theucwwrestling at the beginning of the month.


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