Matt Logan

The most hot-tempered and dynamic of the three Logan brothers, Matt, 24, 5'11, 215#, is also perhaps the sexiest. (I keep going back forth between him and his big bro Bryan.)  The appeal here is fairly easy for me to explain--Matt and Bryan are right where my tastes intersect with those of the vast majority of wrestling fans--particularly the sixteen-year-old girls.

Matt's got the boy-next-door good looks (high cheekbones, full lips, flaring nostrils, toothy smile) and the bod of a star quarterback.  Take those and mix them with a lot of attitude that borders on arrogance--the clean-as-lemon-scented-soap arrogance so typical of young, white local heroes--and an eagerness for mixing it up with the bad boys, ready to play it as tough and dirty as they wanna, and you've got a recipe there for excitement--in all the senses of the word rolled together.

 Matt and Bryan
You can check them out in action here.


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