AstroNOT! versus HomoNOT!

The pre-order price ($12 for sizes S-2XL and $13-$14-$15 for sizes 3XL, 4XL, and 5XL) for Beyond Wrestling's brand new T-shirt is effective only until Friday, so any of you who are interested in purchasing this soon-to-be-collector's item, with a groovy design by Jonah Block, one of BW's talented wrestlers, be sure to do so by then and save yourself some dimes.  These are good guys, folks, and deserve your support.

Yet there is bad news for us queers, sissyboys, kinksters, and misfits.  The next BW release will apparently not be called Gay Wrestling (We Did It for the Hits), after all.  BW may be scratching the tongue-in-cheek title over protests from, among others, a bigwig over at a couple of up-and-coming wrestling organizations.  I'm getting this from Drew over at BW, who says, "We're getting a lot of flak from the super serious, rarely successful, always irrelevant independent wrestling community. .... I think it's really a shame."

Somehow, I doubt the flak is the result of concern over the sensitive feelings of our brothers and sisters in the LGBT community.  It's beginning to look like some of the dickbrains in the biz do actually mean those sad and stale anti-gay slurs that have stuck to pro-wrestling's "gay gimmick" for the past eighty years.

Guess some of the boys have just a little too much anxiety over their mathculinity.


  1. The closet cases object the loudest. Always. Proven over and over again, from the U.S. Senate to marginal humor-challenged third-tier wrestling promotions.


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