Hard to Impress

I haven't checked what's thumping over at Rock Hard Wrestling in a while, but this match between young hardbodies Cody Nelson, 6'0", 175#, and Tyler Reeves, 6'1", 175#,  catches my interest, and I'm 99% sure that part of my next hard-earned paycheck is going towards brushing up on (and, in my head anyways, brushing up against) these and other RHW fighters, who, my friend Bard (over at neverland) assures me, are "on the road to perfection," even if hardly there yet.  This looks sort of like what I thought The Bold and the Beautiful should be all about, and was sorely disappointed to discover otherwise.  Like Bard, I had an early experience with RHW that, while it gave me all the eye candy I could hope for, left me hungry for some "real" action and some fighters who could sell it with a straight face ... Now these two look like they might just be able to do the trick.


  1. Is that "Cody Nelson" Ray Santiesteban? If that's him, then I'm definitely sold.


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