He's 24 Today

It's Tyler Black's birthday.  The twelfth of Ring of Honor's world champions is 24 years old.

I won't say that the man is perfect, but I will say I can't think of any reason to say he's not.  He looks good, "sexy as hell on a Friday night," he looks especially good in skinny black trunks, on top of that he looks like a god when he breaks a sweat, like Cary Grant he can play it heavy and straight or he can play it debonair and funny, he's both big and fast, buff and ripped, a heel and a face, and, on top of everything else, he works hard, maintaining an air of professionalism and intensity in the ring, whether it's at ROH or Cyberfights or Scott County Wrestling, where he started his career five years ago under the name of Gixx.

For the record, Colby Lopez, the name he was born with, strikes me as a great name for a pro wrestler too, though perhaps it has limited heel potential and perhaps it rings too "ethnic" for the kind of image he wanted to project on the mat--and although it rings nicely in my ears today, back in 2005 it may have lacked the clout of a fusion of, just my guess here, "Tyler Durden" and "Jack Black."

Tyler Black is one reason this blog exists.

Happy birthday, champ.  You kill me, dude.


  1. And the god's got great orthodontia as well!


  2. I know the long hair is his trademark, but I wonder what he'd look like with shorter hair.

  3. Actually his given name, Colby Lopez, would be great for a porn star. I'd like to see that.

  4. Happy birthday Tyler. I've seen him in action only once but it was memorable. Around October 2006 (I think it was) at a rare IWF-Midsouth event at the armory in Muscatine, IA, about an hour from where I live and only about 20 miles from his home town of Davenport. He was just starting to use the moniker. Matt Sydal, Josh Abercrombie, Ian Rotten were there too. A really great evening. BTW I'm almost exactly 30 years older than Tyler - the 29th's my b-day.


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