Born in a town happily and justly named Kumberg, Austrian wrestler Mexxberg (aka Maximilian Bajlitz), 24, 6'2", 200#, is a five-time UK Wrestling Alliance champion.  Check him out in motion here.  And watch him in a hot 'n' sticky falls-count-anywhere grudge match against nemesis Big A, from April 2009, here, continuing here, and then finishing up here (via bajlitz23).  The action is slow by North American standards, but the scenery in Austria is just gorgeous.


  1. Just can't love the baggy boxer shorts or long pants on anyone. It killed Chris Sabin for me. Why not just wrestle in a full length parka.

  2. Nice find, Joe. Uhh, strange name...Mexxberg. Sounds like something you'd find at Taco Bell.

  3. What a body !
    Look at his muscles !
    What a hunk of male one !
    Mexx : an angel fallen down from sky.


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