Ought not somebody, in the most respectful manner possible, light a match under Wrestling Arsenal's ass?  It's been almost a year since the last posting on the site--and four months or more since the blog was active.  It's been too long now, and the Arsenal is too valuable a resource to just let wither away.

Does anybody know what the story is here?  Why the sudden dearth of new hot action shots?  I can speak only for myself, but I'm going into withdrawal.  Help me, somebody.

Whom do we have to fuck to get more wrestling pictures like these--any one of which is enough to make me spill my gravy?  You won't find shots like these all together anywhere else, and these are just the tip of the iceberg of the treasure trove (mixing those metaphors!) that Arsenal compiled from 2000 to 2009.

Come back, little Arsenal! Come back!


  1. Glad someone else noticed, they had a blog for little bit and then that got deleted. No clue what's up.

  2. The second last picture is really hot. Does anyone know who the jobber in that picture is?

  3. ya i miss the blog to but there's some good action over on mine, PiledriveU

  4. "Does anyone know who the jobber in that picture is?"

    "Shooting Star" Bobby Quance

  5. Thanks Joe. Love that shot!

  6. Wow thanks for the support. I guess my work is missed and I need to get a new rasslin blog or something going. I didn't really like the way my Blog was looking so I shut it down. Blogging is a different, less intense format than I'm used to. I've been busy too lately, but it's nice to be missed!


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