Ryan Taylor

Before he lost some of that baby fat in the face, I was pretty lukewarm about Ryan Taylor.  John Savage over at Rants Roids n Rasslin recognized what was special in him long before I did.  Not too long ago, in fact, I thought Taylor looked too other-worldly to be tough--somewhere between Harold in Harold and Maude and that boy preacher in There Will Be Blood.  But in more recent photos, he is a wrestling god.

It helps that his hipness quotient shot up with me recently over the discovery of his appearances (as El Presidente) with Lucha Vavoom and some derring-do he performed at the Folsom Renaissance Faire in San Francisco.  And he's got quads like fire hydrants and biceps that get as hard as Wham-O Superballs.  Six-foot-nothing and 185 pounds is just my size, too.  Then there's that V-shaped back.  And it's always a plus for me when a wrestler keeps some fur up in his armpits.


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