You Want Some of This?

Just days before turning 23, Empire Wrestling Federation heavyweight champ Ryan Taylor, 6'0", 185#, started out the year by wrestling two cruiserweight challengers in a handicap match in order to retain the championship.  At every turn, his challengers Tim Lovato and Brandon Parker took advantage, fair and unfair, of the situation to gang up on the champ.  Impressively, even against additional outside interference, Taylor wrung submissions out of the two ... at the same time.

Nice way to start the year, Ryan.

Since then, Taylor has proved his stuff with comparable wow against challengers like Kyle Webb, Extreme Loco, Roger Ruiz, and Scorpio Sky.  (All the photographs in this post are by Richard P. Strickland.)


  1. Is there somewhere we can see his two on one match?

  2. David: I have only seen stills of the Taylor v Lovato and Parker match. If you spot it on video (or DVD) give me a call.


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