Back in Action?

There are signals and murmurings that, as Carolina temperatures settle into the 90s this summer, photographer Blake Arledge's retirement (announced at the beginning of the year) may be in "thaw" mode. 

Several days ago, Arledge hinted on Facebook that he may fully revive as early as this fall.

In the meantime, he is prepared to do a little cheating.  Last month he shot the Anderson Brothers Classic Tag Team Tournament in Monroe, NC (just southeast of Charlotte), where this year Reid Flair (Ric's youngest son) was a star attraction and winner (with partner George South Jr) of the tournament trophy,  taking out Jake Manning and Charlie Dreamer.

Arledge is a phenomenal photographer of wrestling action in this region, whose talent and generosity to us fans and bloggers have directly improved these pages again and again. 

Here's a taste of Arledge's keen eye and ability to take still photographs that convey a greater sense of action than many videos do.  These shots are from the tournament:


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