Catching Hell

Last Saturday Jason Hades (now securely in the top five of my all-time favorite pro wrestlers) faced a dramatic turn in his story arc over at Dreamwave Wrestling.

For about a year now, under the influence of heel promoter Ryland Foxx, Hades has been playing the bad boy (his "Hollywood" alter ego), teaming up with mascaraed and bleached blond "grenade" Nick Brubaker, who, solo, became Dreamwave's world champ early in April this year.

Admittedly, I haven't followed Hades' heel career too closely, nursing my conviction that the man works better (for me) as an outlaw babyface, strong and silent, methodical in his dismantling of craven blowhards who get too big for their britches.

But it would appear that since the power shift in his partnership this spring, Hades has gone through a series of unfortunate losses (and close calls) that has put him on the outer edge of Ryland's "A-List."

After getting his butt kicked on Saturday by Acid, the A-Listers turned on Hades and beat the crap out of him, so that he limped away from the LaSalle Knights of Columbus that night on crutches.

Could Saturday's match mark a hard turn back to the face role for Hades?  I hope so.  And I hope to see Fox, Brubaker, and company get the comeuppances they deserve on the knuckles of a humbled but newly impassioned JH.


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