On Houston, Other People's Kinks, and the Kind of Men I Like

Lately a debate is raging on the BG East message board at Yahoo Groups over whether BGE is overplaying its veteran (i.e. "old") talent.

I'm not sure how big a controversy it can be since (1), as some of the reasoned voices have already pointed out, BGE offers a wide and varied assortment of wrestlers and wrestling types, pretty much something to fit every kink--so then what's the big deal if BGE offers some matches (of its many) that do not necessarily appeal to a lot of people's tastes? and (2) I may not be paying close enough attention these days, but it has not been obvious to me that BGE (or any promotion) has been exactly flooding the market with 40- and 50-something wrestlers--so then what's the problem?  Is the anti-veteran faction so ageist and so intolerant that it cannot stand the thought that somebody somewhere may actually enjoy seeing a daddy over the age of 35 beating up a young punk--or even two daddies slugging it out to see who gets to take the strapping young punk home?

As most of you know already, I have a particular fondness for dewy youths of a wide variety of shapes, colors, gimmicks, and sizes climbing into rings or onto mats to pound each other till one of them is squarely and incontrovertibly on top of the other.  BG East and many other underground promotions do a more than adequate job of tapping into this particular kink of mine.  Many of these teen and 20-something wrestlers have a lot of attitude, wrestling skill, and fight, in addition to their young years and good looks.  But, as it turns out, with the right packaging, skill and heart are not altogether a necessity for guys like me--and, like many others, from time to time I'm willing to ring up some credit-card debt on videos featuring two or more pretty boys floundering on top of each other without even a hint of recognizable wrestling science.  And, yeah, I'm enough of a daddy myself that I'd be willing to duke it out with one of you other daddies over my right to purchase bad wrestling from time to time, so long as it features knockout gorgeous contestants with good cheekbones and round butt cheeks.

As most of you know too, I have an even greater fondness for a well-fought fight.  A good fight gets my dick hard ... so long as the fighters have got the aggro and know-how to make it a good show--and they are more or less well paired.  It turns out, to my own surprise as much as anyone's, that the fighters do not have to be young or even physically attractive to me--they can be old guys, women, midgets, fatties, twinks, emaciated crack whores, almost anything so long as they go at it with everything they've got and what they've got is a storehouse of knowledge on how to hurt each other and take a punch in turn.  This is the part of me that baffles me and prompted me to start up this blog almost two years ago--how can my sexual attraction be so wrapped up in an activity with little or no regard to the participants' looks, age, gender, gear, and IQ?  For the record, I'm still exploring that mystery, and will probably hang this blog up once it's been solved to my satisfaction.

Of course, the best possible thing for me is to have both:  great looking combatants who know exactly what they're doing in a fight, enjoy a good fight, and want nothing more than to fight each other.   These are the real prizes in my world of kink.   Sure, such a convergence is rare, but when it happens, as it did, say, in the classic Stevens-vs-Defendi fight on Naked Kombat, the top of my skull blows clean off.

That said, let me get to what I really want to talk about, which has nothing to do with the BGE debate, and that's indy wrestler Bobby Houston.


Houston typifies what I like in a man.  He's a big bruiser with wide shoulders and a strong back, just begging to thump and to take a thump.  He's got all-American good looks, by which I mean not too much showy attitude, but rather an earnest, matter-of-fact, and level-headed sense of decency.  He looks like a roughneck who enjoys roughneckery--and he looks like he's willing to be knocked down a peg or two just for a crack at knocking you down a peg or two.

He's six-foot-four, which is just about enough man for me.  The 27-year-old wrestler is based in Illinois, but he wrestles in the Carolinas from time to time too.  Four years ago, he wrestled with TNT Pro Wrestling, but I don't find him on anybody's roster now.  I don't know much more about him than what I've told you, but I like his big, randy, salt-of-the-earth look--and his 2006 match against preening glam-heel Chris Idol (aka Chris Rockwell, another big studpuppy Daddy likes ... and in boa, sequins, and shades, oh my!) looks like maybe it was something I should have seen in person (but I can enjoy it vicariously through these action photos by Christine J. Coons) ...


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