Angle #2: Five Minutes Alone

This angle is actually the first angle that came to mind when I started thinking about this project, but inspired by a YouTube match I had just seen, I went with something else.  Most of these angles probably already have names, known to you smart marks and wrestling insiders.  But these names, if any, are unknown to me, so I am assigning them titles of my own.

In Five Minutes Alone, a heel's manager or valet has been making a huge nuisance of himself, interfering with matches, forcing DQs, and stirring up divisions within the promotion's roster.  Finally, the champ, a good guy, stipulates that he will give the heel a crack at the title only on the condition that, if he beats the heel, he immediately gets five minutes alone in the ring (or cage) with the detested manager or valet.  This angle usually involves a long setup over several weeks, during which the bad guys shoot their mouths off about how confident they are in winning the upcoming match.  Of course, the big match itself is not so important, upstaged by the prospect of the crowd's getting to see the heel's dickish go-between finally get his just punishment.  I have seen this angle spoiled in a couple of ways--first, obviously, if the heel wins, the whole setup has been anticlimactic, sort of like a shaggy-dog story, and, second, if the heel loses, the angle still fails if the manager or valet squeezes out of the deal on a technicality or uses another wrestler as a proxy to fight the battle for him.  For my money, the only way this angle works is if the victor gets his full five minutes' worth of kick-ass satisfaction, and the manager or valet has to be carried away on a stretcher.   I like this angle even better if the manager or valet is nice looking but athletically challenged, somewhat vain about his appearance and bound to get messed up in a rumble with the champ.


  1. I like the "gets carried off in a stretcher" aspect of this, but is the experience enhanced if the manager gets his clothes ripped off during the beat down and is exposed to be wearing women's type panties? double the humiliation, double the pleasure.


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